Massage types

The structure of our programs

45′ Program

90′ Program

* During the back and full body massage, We offer the follwoing massage types to our guests, put together in a special combination of ours:

Yumeiho massage

Yumeiho is the main massage technique of our parlor. It originates in Japan in the 17th century. Back then, it was used in monasteries as a part of a kung-fu technique Its primary role is to treat muscle fixation and aggregates. This technique is a strong but painless massage, a soft and deep massage therapy.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is also a Japanese massage. It is utilizing pressure point techniques, which roots are originated from acupuncture treatments. The masseuse follows the meridian lines of the body with finger presses. This can help reduce pain in some areas and reduce swelling.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is probably the most known massage type in western countries, which consists mostly of stong moves. It’s also a perfect refreshing massage if done more lightly. Can be excellently used to treat cramps, pain, and the improvment of the circulatory system. Contrary to the traditions, our masseuses do not massage on massage beds, but on tatamis, of course with moves that are safe on that.

About massages in general:


Sensual Massage


Prostate massage