The History of Yumeiho massage

Yumeiho massage is also a more popular trend, which many people in Hungary have already heard about, or may have already tried.

The foundations of yumeiho date back to the 1600s, in the Shaolin Valley in China.


yumeiho massage

The monks living in the monasteries used certain movements as part of the kung-fu technique, the primary purpose of which was to alleviate the lumps and muscle aches caused by the shifting of the center of gravity. Between the two world wars, Master Suichi Ono, who studied in the Shaolin Valley, was the one who, returning to his homeland, Japan, could only apply it, but taught this technique more widely.

However, the type of yumeiho massage known today is primarily associated with the name of one of his disciples, Master Saionji Masayuki, who perfected this movement culture. So known and popular today, yumeiho massage (since hundreds of years ago) is a relatively new type, but what was developed by Saionji Masayuki (who passed away in 2005) only became better known by the late 1980s, as is yumeiho himself.

Nature and indication of Yumeiho massage

The yumeiho massage is based on the belief that the pelvis is the center and foundation of the skeleton. Because of this, pelvic asymmetry can cause many diseases. The main goal of yumeiho therapy, then, is to correct the pelvis and correct the spine, to maintain skeletal balance and symmetry.

From a philosophical point of view, the symmetry of the body can also be associated with the balance of the soul. The purpose of yumeiho, then, in a broader sense, is to restore inner calm and balance, to reconcile body and soul.

(Of course, a good therapist is essential for effective treatment, who, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the movements, is able to mingle in a deeper conversation with the massaged subject, thus contributing not only to his physical but also to his mental health through mutual communication.)

The asymmetry of the pelvis (i.e., if one side of the pelvis is higher than the other side) changes the location of our body’s center of gravity, which causes the spine, muscles, and joints to malfunction, as well as many musculoskeletal disorders.

The most common symptoms of pelvic asymmetry are:

  • lumbago,
  • back pain,
  • hernia,
  • and limb tingling.

It is also possible that other internal organs may be affected, because if the spine shifts a little, it can also put pressure on the nerves of other organs.

(Of course, this does not mean that there can be no other cause for the listed symptoms, in any case, it may be worth paying attention to the pelvis and spine, which are key to our body, for which yumeiho therapy can be an excellent tool.)

Although the technique itself is quite powerful, unlike certain types of massage, it usually does not cause any pain.

(According to some opinions, a few hours after a yumeiho massage, patients experience a muscle-like sensation, but the freshness and renewal they feel afterwards more than make up for this unpleasant side effect.)

The yumeiho massage combines the acupressure movements typical of oriental medicine with the kneading and rubbing movements of classical or Swedish massage, as well as chiropractic.

When thoroughly massaging the entire body, the masseur or masseur pays attention not only to the thorough movement of the muscles but also the joints. During yumeiho massage, more acupressure and meridian points are involved, resulting in a freer flow of energy.

However, treatment does not only consist of solvent and stretching grips. during a massage, the massaging party often uses their entire body weight, literally placing weight on certain parts of the body in order to rework the area better.

One of the characteristics of this type of massage is that in order to perform certain tricks, the client often has to change position, so to speak, to activate himself. So cardinal is the harmony and balance between the two parties (the handler and the treated).

Marvellous effects

  • Although the age of the patient is not an exclusive reason for any type of massage, it is possible to go to different treatments at a young age, yumeiho massage can be recommended especially for the younger age group, as milder versions of hip displacement are much easier to treat at this age. Of course, this does not exclude the members of the older generation, in terms of prevention, this type of massage can be an excellent choice. (Even in more severe cases, the methods of yumeiho can be used with courage, along with various complementary therapies.)
  • In addition, yumeiho massage can help with various musculoskeletal complaints (such as rheumatism).
  • Relieve the hardening of the muscles, miss their tension and cramps.
  • It can also be used against certain nervous system diseases, blood pressure problems, stomach and menstrual complaints, migraines, sleep disturbances, regular dizziness, memory and concentration disorders.


However, no matter how versatile, the yumeiho massage treatment is a great experience, this type also has its own contraindications, which should not be taken seriously.

  • In case of skin, local inflammation of the muscles,
  • malignancy,
  • febrile illness,
  • bleeding tendency,
  • circulatory insufficiency,
  • severe vasoconstriction,
  • severe osteoporosis,
  • and after a recent myocardial infarction, during poor general condition.

Would you like a Yumeiho massage? We look forward to see you at our salon.

In our salon, yumeiho massage is the only type from which all our masseuses are equally qualified. This is not only because of the training or the unification of the image, but also because this type of massage can be beneficial to the tastes of practically all those who are interested. Also for those who prefer stronger types of massages that penetrate deeper and stronger muscles, and also for those who prefer to experience such a treatment for a gentle, relaxing experience. That is, the needs of the guest, the patient, play a particularly important and decisive role.

Yumeiho massage can be recommended to anyone who, of course, does not fit any of the contraindications. As mentioned, this type can be especially helpful for the younger generation, but it can also be a huge help to any other age group in alleviating and, if necessary, eliminating various problems.

You can try it boldly for those who are not so familiar with the world of different massages, as well as for those who are already more competent in this field. It can be both a new and refreshing experience as well as a safe choice, so if someone would like to treat someone with a massage as a gift for example, yumeiho could prove to be a prime alternative.